AEO-F certification and our bonded warehouse

Simplified customs clearance means reduced interest expenditure

Obtaining customs clearance remains a frustratingly time-consuming hindrance to efficient global trade. As a company with AEO-F certification, we are entitled to use simplified customs procedures, which means we can get your goods to their destination more quickly. Your consignment is delivered duty unpaid to our bonded warehouse, where it stays until it moves on. That is a very attractive money-saving arrangement!

  • We are an AEO-F certified company:

Our status as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and our AEO-F certification (“Customs Simplifications / Security and Safety”) enable us to take advantage of simplified customs clearance procedures throughout the European Union, and exempt us from the extensive customs checks that are carried out on all transactions of economic significance. You yourself may have AEO-F status, but even if you do, you will still need a partner that enjoys the same status. Well, whatever your status, we are ready for you!

  • We have an open bonded warehouse:

The owners of the goods we ship can leave their consignments in our bonded warehouse without paying any duty until the goods are sold or shipped on. In other words, no customs duty is payable on goods imported from countries outside the European Union until a resale transaction takes place. In certain cases, such a delay in the payment of customs duty and taxes can lead to significant earnings or savings on interest payments.