Highly professional staff

We know what we are doing!

We have been looking after high-value goods on behalf of our customers since 1881. Providing this service requires a conscientious approach, competence and an understanding of the processes involved. You can depend on our flexible, motivated and highly experienced staff to live up to the finest Hanseatic traditions of reliability and efficiency.

Your personal advisor and support partner:

With us, you can be sure of receiving personal attention. Besides being well qualified, our marketing and project staff are highly experienced and will be able to answer all your packaging questions. We think of ourselves as a support team rather than as salespeople. Our success as a company is based on long-term working relationships with our customers.

Well-trained customer managers:

We allocate each customer his own customer manager. This manager takes personal charge of every aspect of the project in question, and acts as a dedicated contact partner. All of our customer managers have vast expertise in the handling of projects, as well as in the provision of support and advice.

Well-trained packaging staff:

The ongoing development of each of our employees’ skills is one of our priorities. We provide our staff with the opportunity to attend regular courses organized by the HPE Trade Association and by various regional service providers in the Bremen area, such as the Ma-Co Port Training Centre and A&B Nord (formerly SC-R). Topics covered in past courses have included “Logistics and Customs” (Ma-Co) and “Safe Operation of Forklifts and Cranes in the Workplace” (SCR).