Goods management

Knowing where and when saves time and hassle!

Transparent goods management is essential for assuring smooth-running efficiency and high quality standards. Our staff are expert in the unloading of containers and trucks. After your goods are unloaded, they are either made ready for collection in accordance with your instructions, or put in storage to await packaging. With our goods management system, you are up-to-date permanently. That leaves you with the peace of mind to think about other matters.


Our sophisticated goods management system has every base covered:

  • Documentation of inbound import and export goods
  • Weighing of incoming goods
  • Checking of data against delivery notes
  • Order-picking
  • Goods consolidation
  • Drawing up of special package lists
  • Container stowage plans
  • Documentation of proper securing with the help of our cargo-securing program
  • Customs clearance
  • Outbound goods documentation in accordance with the customer’s requirements