Packaging solutions

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Different types of goods require different types of packaging – sensitive electronics are not the same as heavy lifts. We have been gathering expertise in export packaging since 1881, and produce our own high-quality packaging solutions. We use only tested materials and timber from sustainably managed forests. Quality counts.

High-quality production in accordance with HPE guidelines, and as per IPPC ISPM-15:

  • Plywood boxes
  • Solid-wood boxes
  • Crates
  • Sleds
  • Push-in sleds
  • Squared-timber constructions
  • Bundling constructions
  • Casings
  • Self-supporting packaging structures

Reliable corrosion protection by various methods:

  • By means of PE sheets and aluminium foil, or by the VCI method
  • Shrink-wrap and stretch-wrap solutions
  • Preservation of machinery with a layer of oil or thick viscous liquid