Our export packaging experience stretches back to 1881 – and it’s worldwide!

In the best Hanseatic tradition, IPSEN INDUSTRIAL PACKING, your innovative and experienced partners in the field of packaging services, established itself over many decades as a dependable provider for innovative packing solution and for custom-tailored solutions for secure air-freight and logistics.

As a modern packaging company, we have over many years served as reliable partners to well-known national and international companies. We respond flexibly and competently to our customers’ wishes and requirements. We deliver increased security, convenience, and success!


5 reasons for choosing us

Whether it’s first-rate packaging and transportation services you need, or expertise in dismantling and assembling, you can depend on us. Reap the benefits of our comprehensive strength and experience, our “all round carefree package”, our worldwide efficiency, our professionalism, our reliability, and our certified quality systems.

Your one-stop shop for comprehensive "all round carefree packages"

You know the old proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Well, that’s not the case with us. Each member of the IPSEN group of companies adds just the right amount of seasoning, no matter whether it’s dismantling, transportation, order-picking, storage, packaging, loading, container-stowage, sea- or air-freight, or assembly services you need. That is our understanding of service!

In action for you – all over the world

We have all kinds of specialized vehicles and dependable packaging teams at our (and your) disposal, so we can provide on-the-spot mobility. Through our membership of the International Packing & Routing Organization (INPRO), and as a part of the internationally represented IPSEN GROUP, we are available worldwide, Now that’s efficiency.

Professional staff

You are important to us. To ensure an efficient working relationship, we will appoint one of our customer representatives to act as your personal contact partner, and (s)he will be there to assist you throughout your entire project. Our staff undergo continuous further training, so you can always depend on their efficiency. That leaves you with more time to see to other tasks. That’s what we call professionalism.

Our values

For us, people come first – regardless of whether they are staff members, customers or suppliers. Mutual respect, total honesty, a willingness to cooperate, and open communication are fundamental to our business approach. And wherever we are, we stand by these values. They’re what make us such reliable partners.

Being a certified company

We want you to be pleased with our service. That’s why we’ve taken the trouble to obtain HPE certification (from the German Association for Wood Packaging Material, Pallets and Export Packaging). We are an AEO-F certified company with an open bonded warehouse, and we have been approved by the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) as a “regulated agent”. At present, we are in the process of obtaining DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality-management certification. This proves the high level of our quality.

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Ali Kutlu

Betriebsleiter (Leiter Verpackung)

+49(0)421–800809–31 E-Mail

News & Aktuelles

Neue Firmenbroschüre

Die Ipsen Industrial Packing GmbH & Co. KG bietet eine neue Firmenbroschüre an.
Hieraus erfahren Interessenten und Kunden alles, was die Ipsen Industrial Packing heute leistet und anbietet.



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Damit wurde ein weiteres Ziel erreicht, auch nach außen zu zeigen, was für uns schon seit vielen Jahren Qualität und Qualitätssicherung bedeutet.


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INPRO Meeting 2017 in der Schweiz

Am 25. und 26. Mai 2017 hielt die INPRO ihr jährliches Treffen in der Schweiz ab. Frank Heinrich, nahm als Geschäftsführer und Vertreter des Mitgliedsunternehmens Ipsen Industrial Packing, die für den Bereich "Deutschland NORD" zuständig sind, daran teil.

Auf dem Treffen teilten die Mitglieder Präsentationen zu einigen der interessantesten und herausforderndsten Verpackungsprojekte, die von ihnen durchgeführt wurden.


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